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Visualization of fecal transplants - well - thankfully - of the microbial community data not the actual transplant

Pete Seeger, RIP, on women in engineering ...

Expert translation of details on "Clinical trial for autologous stool transplant" that is seeking volunteers

Winner of the biggest & best overselling of the microbiome -@theallium on Salmonella Diet

Some readings on Gender Disparities in Scientific Publishing

Another good collection of recommended papers from Pubchase

Kudos to the DOE-JGI for organizing a genomics meeting w/ a good gender ratio - no kudos to BGI - yet again.

The start of a slow poop movement?

Quick ego-post - link to interview of me by National Geographic Weekend show

Dear UCLA IMED Seminar SPAM - I will NOT maintain your emails in a safe, secure and confidential manner

Overselling the microbiome story of the week: aging in fruit flies vs humans

Pubchase recommended papers to read system pretty good ...

This looks awesome: DC Art Science Evening Rendezvous (DASER) 2/20

Deep Thoughts by Bill Keller Volume 2: Heroic Wheels of Science

rRNA sequencing services - summary of available services

Top alternatives to quilt plots and heat maps

Bacterial species description papers "rules" & IJSEM (Storification)

Request for suggestions for bacterial genome annotation tools (Storify of some answers)

#Badomics word of the year already? Yup. The 'Consciousome' from Deepak Chopra

Carin Bondar video on "Organisms do Evolve" based on Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball

A little bit about PhyloSift: phylogenetic analysis of genomes and metagenomes

Worth a look: American Academy of Microbiology report on the Human Microbiome

Interesting NSF Funding Opportunity - "Genealogy of Life"

Important new paper on impact of having women as conveners on gender ratio of speakers

Yolo Basin 1-6 - yellowthroat, sora, and more

Highlights and notes from trip to Argentina 2013