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Must read of the week: For Better Science Meetings, Invite an Artist The Finch and Pea

ADVANCE Blog Notes: Interesting article by Mary Ann Mason at Slate.Com "In the Ivory Tower, Men Only"

ADVANCE Reading of the Day: Sylvia Earle, Women in Japan and the Gulf, Spaceflight

How Open Are You? Part 1: Metrics to Measure Openness and Free Availability of Publications

Another week - another microbial art project

ADVANCE Journal Club: Developing Graduate Students of Color for the Professoriate in STEM

Weird things coming up from automated Google Scholar searches pointing to

Yes, microbes are likely important everywhere, but evidence would be nice (re Atlantic piece on Soil)

Important read for those interested in gender, family & academia: Do Babies Matter

Better late than never - video interview of me from #AAAS2012 - Evolvability, the Built Environment and Open Science

Tweets from Nancy Moran's talk at #UCDavis on "Two sides of symbiosis" storified

Some new preprints of interest and comments on "The case for preprints in biology"

I am highly skeptical of the CHORUS system proposed by scientific publishers as an end run around PubMed Central

Guest post from Jake Scott: Building trust: a sine qua non for successful acceptance of preprints in the biological sciences