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Dear Frontiers Journals - I am sick of your SPAM and I want nothing to do with you

Phylogenetic analysis of metagenomic data - Mendeley group ...

Nice use of PacBio sequencing to characterize methyltransferase specificity

Twisted tree of Life Award #13: Press release from U. Oslo on new protozoan

Best #openaccess figures: happy baby, sad baby

Davis Community Church Nursery School (DCCNS) Annual Rummage Sale 4/28 8 AM - noon

One giant tweet for @MishaAngrist talk at #UCDavis from 3/8

Alphachimp Studio animated drawings on TEDMED session I was in

Storification of my talk (and responses to it) at #TEDMED

Happy birthday brother Mike

Visual Notes for Jill Soble's song about drugs at #TedMed

Visual Notes for Rebecca Onie's talk at #TedMed

Visual Notes for Brian Stevenson's talk at #TedMed

Some pics from the Kennedy Center ore #tedmed

Am hoping #tedmed security at the Kennedy Center lets me in w/ my friends

Am hoping #tedmed security at the Kennedy Center lets me in w/ my friends

Amazing - Renaissance Hotel in DC has decorated lobby w/ giant microbes #tedmed

Crowdsourcing some facts for my upcoming #Tedmed talk on #microbes on #humans

Woohoo 1st time biking to school on her own bike

This is how we transfer Illumina data at #ucdavis

Stephen Colbert vs. Santorum on UC/Cal State Education

My ladyfriend is letting me get closer and closer everyday #ILoveHummingbirds

Robosquirrels. They are being deployed. From #UCDavis. Be very careful.

Bonnie Bassler - a true guardian of microbial diversity

PLOTS ( is coming to #DavisCA

Video of Carl Zimmer's talk from the DOE-Joint Genome Institute User meeting

Guest Post on Viruses from Claudiu Bandea

More fun w/ WordClouds: Cloud of Talk Titles for #TedMed

With Twitter I can unfollow, With Facebook I can UnFriend, How Does One "Uncollaborate"?

More phylogeny fun from Rod Page: TreeBase -> Genome Browser

This looks useful: Online Phylogeny Course from Rod Page

Continued fun with Ligercat

My kids tampered w/ the @nytimes Sports section to secretly do April 1 joke on me

In case you haven't seen it ...