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Nature Precedings - a preprint server for biology akin to arXiv - shutting down as of April 3

Overselling the microbiome award: Scientists look to mummies for obesity cure

Why is the paper behind "The Pill Led to Increased Women's Wages" story free to .GOV but not others?

Quick post: nice review on de novo genome assembly

Elsevier: bringing us conference SPAM and also empty privacy policies (literally and figuratively)

Calling on Nature Publishing Group to return all money received for genome papers and article corrections

Corrections Scamming at Nature: Tantalizing clues, to see errors just pay more money #Seriously?

Nature's access absurdity: Human Genome Paper free but access to corrections will costs $64

A Solution to Nature Publishing Group's Inability to Keep Free Papers Free: Deposit them in Pubmed Central

Well, Annapurna has decided laps are for losers; now she curls up on my chest

Hey Nature Publishing Group - When are you going to live up to your promises about "free" genome papers? #opengate #aaaaaarrgh

Costa's Hummingbirds in #DavisCA

12 hours of me: Slideshows w/ audio from "BIS2C: Biodiversity & the Tree of Life" at #UCDavis

And now I have a billion plus infinity dollars

Just a typical Friday in #davisca - printing our own money

Just grand -Donald Williamson published more crap on larval "evolution" - this time in one of the #OMICS journals

OMG - Without a doubt the worst omics word ever - The Sexome

Calling all computational biologists - do as C. Titus Brown does - submit your pubs to arXiv

Lenses in Biology collection from Nature Outlook: free (for now at least) & worth a look

Notes (from me and mostly others) from the JGI User Meeting #JGIUM7

OMICS Driven Microbial Ecology ...

Google Wage or Google Wave? I am interested in Google Wage if they are still offering ...

This is both crazy and completely brilliant: The Microbial Academy Of Sciences

The Axis of Evol: Getting to the Root of DNA Repair with Philogeny

Want more research funding? Time to give your study organism a better nickname

Evolution rap: 3.5* til infinity #music

Elaine Mardis rocks: nice talk on "Next generation sequencing"

Diabetes & H.pylori - a correlation but no known causation despite authors claims

California Breast Cancer Research Fund Tax Checkoff; wondering about Open Access policies

Not sure what to make of this new "Datasets.Com" effort from Hindawi

Wanted - opinions/details on online systems for annotation of genomes and metagenomes

Worst new omics word award: circomics - running circles around my head

Who is hiring research fellows and/or instructors in microbiology?

Social Biology of Microbes 2012 #SocialMicrobes12 wrapup via Storify

Interesting upcoming conference Exploring Human Host-Microbiome Interactions in Health and Disease

A day of field guides at #UCDavis and @Wired