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RIP Carl Woese: Collecting posts / notes / other information about my main science hero here

2003 email from Carl Woese to Mitch Sogin after winning Crafoord Prize

Best email I have ever received - from Carl Woese 10/29/2011

Email exchanges between Robin Gutell and Carl Woese

Microbial art for the holidays from the J. Craig Venter Institute

Great ideas in this #PLoSOne paper; except we published same idea 12 fu$*# years ago

Sampling the Wild Microbial Life of My Home

New "microbiology blog of the day" series at microBEnet

Welcome to the Microbial Earth Project

Not the best microbiology reporting: New Scientist on Lonely Bacterium

Story behind the paper: Corey Nislow on Haloferax Chromatin and eLife

12.12.12 on 12.12.12

Award: Ridiculous, absurd, offensive overselling of the microbiome from Chalmers & Gothenburg

Guest post on "The phone microbiome" from Georgia Barguil in Jack Gilbert's lab

Some fun holiday reading about the UC Davis Medical Center neurosurgeon saga

Attention all metagenomicists: put your pinky in the corner of your mouth & say "1 million dollars"

Get the genomes of up to 12 type strains of bacteria and/or archaea sequenced, for free

Further signs that microbiome work is getting hot: more $$ from NIH

Guest post: uBiome puts microbiome science in the hands of the people

People not Projects: the Moore Foundation continues to revolutionize marine microbiology w/ its Investigator program

Twisted tree of life award #14: @nytimes and Nathaniel Rich on Immortal Jellyfish

Drexel Executive Leadership in Academic Technology and Engineering program fellowships

Convoluted title, cool paper in #PLoSGenetics on relative of insect mutualists causing a human infection

Playing with Impact Story to look at Alt Metrics for my papers, data, etc

Returning to Walt Whitman High School, home of supposed overachievers