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My twitter wrap up of the Joint Genome Institute User Meeting #JGIUM

Why #badomics words can also be very good: a case in study with museomics #JGIUM

The story behind the story of my new #PLoSOne paper on "Stalking the fourth domain of life" #metagenomics #fb

I know - Ego Blogging is so 2010 - But I won. I won. I won. (The Ben Franklin Award ...)

J. Craig Venter Institute, UCSD, Beyond the PDF, #UCDavis leadership, all in one trip

Please help keep the pressure on Nature Publishing Group to restore free access to genome papers #opengate

Upcoming conference: DOE-JGI User Meeting: Energy, Genomes, Environment, Microbes, Trees and more ...

Interesting take (though not completely convincing) take on NEJM farm microbe story

Calling for Nature Publishing Group to return all money charged for articles that were supposed to be free #OpenAccess

Today is a day to be annoyed with Nature (Publishing Group that is) #NatureFail

Norman R. Pace visit to #UCDavis; discussing microbiology of the built environment #microBEnet