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Quick one here: nice pic of "Earth From Mars" from NASA

New hotel at #UCDavis is quite nice

Protect that biodiversity - wear protection

47170 papers referring to #HeLa in PubMed Central (re talk today by @rebeccaskloot )

Yuck - rRNA databases restrictions on sharing/reuse create major complications

After 20 yrs of email my first "reply all" SNAFU; reply all apology etiquette?

Experiments in scientific sharing contd: Biotorrents

Davis, CA schools and their class size issues

Things to do to wish "Happy Birthday" to my brother, Michael Eisen

Bad omics word of the day: infectomics

Coming to UCDavis, 4/23, @RebeccaSkloot discussing #HeLa book "Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks"

Most important paper ever in microbiology? Woese & Fox, 1977, discovery of archaea

Evolution & Genomics symposium; Stanford; 4/16-4/17; open to all; gonna be good