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HHMI early career scientists

Sean Eddy in PLoS Biology on Open Revolution

Lessons Learned at the JGI Users Meeting

JGI Day2

Live Blogging the JGI Users Meeting

Extreme Ice Survey - Tonight 3-24-09 - Watch it

Sean Carroll at Davis

PLoS for Everyone

Lie to Me, Darwin

2 week Metagenomics Course ... Looks pretty good ...

Phyloinformatics gets some love from Google (get your students to apply ...)

Science and the Stimulus 1 NSF Announcement

Conyers, Eisen, the Huffington Post and Open Access

The human microbiome - term being used in many ways - but at least it is getting some press

Clip of Harold Varmus on the Daily Show

They copied my posting and I like it ...

Finally, PDFs of my papers from my home page starting to show up in Google Scholar.

Open Access Notes: Harold Varmus on the Daily Show tonight (3/2/09)